Cold sores treatment remedies

Cold sore treatments and finding your cure

Cold sore prevention

Cold Sore Prevention methods.

Avoid arginine-rich foods such as , cola, peas, chocolate, beer, grain cereals, peanuts, gelatin, and cashew nuts.

Relaxation techniques can go a long way in the relief of stress and not only keep your mental state on a even keel but will also help your body to help itself.

Over-the-counter salves are considered in the main to be comfort treatments and tests have proven that salves will not shorten your cold sore duration by using them.  Prescription treatments may reduce the recovery time of cold sores by a few days but not in a radical way mostly shortening the recovery period by only a few days.

The only true way for you to become cold sore free is to help your body from the inside out and a good prevention plan begins by optimizing your body's own defenses.

Vitamin and Mineral supplements.

As you suffer from the herpes simplex virus or cold sore virus you must start taking a good quality mineral and vitamin supplement to build up your body's natural immune functions

You should be taking a good quality over the counter vitamin and mineral supplement and also include a omega 3 fish oil capsule daily.

Taking Lysine capsules (up to 1000mg per day) to prevent recurring cold sores has been shown to work well because when your body cells are high in lysine content, they are low in arginine content.  Lysine forces out excess arginine (see above) and without arginine the cold sore or herpes virus cannot be replicated by your body cells so stopping the virus in its tracks. Buy Lysine here

Following this regime will dramatically reduce your chances of ever getting a cold sore again.

I am sure you will agree the best cure for cold sores is to prevent them starting in the first place.

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