Cold sores treatment remedies

Cold sore treatments and finding your cure

Cold sore treatments


10 Easy cold sore home treatment remedies.

Ice .. Apply well-wrapped ice for at least an hour to chill the area, but not long enough to cause pain or frostbite.

Aspirin and hydrogen peroxide mix... dissolve the non coated aspirin in peroxide and apply to the blister this only works if the sore has opened and should dry the blister right up.

Nail Polish Remover .. use an application of acetone based nail polish remover every hour with a Q-tip. Caution only use a small amount at a time, do not paint it on! but if you are careful this will work.

Milk .. When applied to the blister can help to reduce redness and swelling. drinking milk all the time also helps your body's immune system. if you are lactose intolerant then drink goats milk, these days you cannot tell the difference between cows and goats milk.

Bleach .. Moisten a q-tip with water then dip it in bleach, squeeze the excess from the Q-tip and apply to the cold sore blister.

Ear wax .. Apply to the blister as soon as you can.

Salt and toothpaste mix .. Mix the two together into a paste and apply to the cold sore. some people have said to use just the toothpaste without the salt as salt in a wound can hurt the surrounding skin. if it was me I would use the toothpaste mixed with aspirin instead of salt.

Tea bags .. Apply a teabag to the blister, the tannic acid dries and heals the sore. or try  freezing or cooling the teabag then apply the cold teabag the cold also helps to stop the swelling and attacks the herpes virus with the anti-viral phyto-nutrients in the tea. on the other hand some people swear by putting a warm teabag on the blister.

Vinegar and aspirin mix .. Use white vinegar mix with aspirin and apply.

Bicarbonate of soda .. Mix the bicarbonate of soda with water into a paste and apply to the sore, but don't rub it on dab it on.

If the sufferer has fever and other flu-like symptoms. A painkiller can help: aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol - always follow the instructions on the packet. 

Anti Viral tablets have been shown to help cut down on repeated recurrences.


There are different ways to approach cold sore treatment.

Firstly you have to understand what the cold sore virus is and how it works. We all know that tingling sensation you get just before you get the coldsore. its like your body's early warning system telling you that you are going to get a cold sore sore. The virus lives in your nerve sheath cells all the time once you are infected the herpes virus and does not fully die when the blister has gone, the virus will still be there, dormant in your nerve cells poised waiting to strike at any time. 

Why an outbreak happens..

The virus waits for conditions in the cellular structure of your body to become just right then travels down the nerve fibers to the skin surface.  Once on the surface of your skin the herpes virus begins to replicate thus forming the lip cold sore blister and filling it with fluid containing very infectious virus cells .that is why the virus is at its most infectious period at the start of the blistering process.  

Your own body can cope with the outbreak all on its own with no medication, but your body's own healing process without medication of any kind to help will take up to fourteen days for the herpes blister to heal and vanish.

Most people rush to the chemist as soon as they feel the tingle or the smart ones have a new tube of anti-viral salve in the medicine cabinet this medication mostly contains the active ingredient acyclovir. This action will help your body's defenses fight the virus if caught in time and help to sooth the blisters however they do not help with the healing process once the blisters have established themselves.

The answer to my cold sore problem is surprisingly easy, its all about eating the right combinations of foods that naturally boost your body's immune system and bolstering your body's own natural defenses so the virus is kept in a dormant state.

It is really was as simple as that!

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