Cold sores treatment remedies

Cold sore treatments and finding your cure

Stew ... Ireland says, Apply aftershave to your cold sore.

Nancy ...New york says,     Aloe vera Is great for cold sores, 
apply it at the first tingle, it is also great for skin conditions like eczema.

Alice ... United Kingdom ... Apply Ice to the cold sore at the first tingle                    

Anonymous .. Applying  manuka honey  will speed up the healing process..the enzymes in the honey produce low levels of hydrogen peroxide to fight infection.

Mike .. london .. Use a cold used teabag on the cold sore, the tannic acid works wonders.

Jenny USA  ... Use witch Hazel.
Anonymous ..  Use Garlic ....Halve a clove of garlic, squeeze until it releases its juice and apply a drop to the cold sore three times a day.
These home remedies are not intended as a substitute for going to see your doctor.

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